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Eyebright Medical Technology (Beijing) Inc. is a National High-tech Enterprise located in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Beijing, China. Focusing on the protection and caring of human eyes and vision health, the company aims to provide first class medical products and services to global ophthalmology surgeons, patients and consumers. The company has been developing a full range of ophthalmic medical products, which include surgical implants, surgical instruments, equipments, optometric lenses, eye drops etc., for the treatment of cataract, glaucoma, refractive errors and many other ophthalmic diseases.     

Eyebright is committed to the mission of developing innovative new technologies and products. As a Joint Laboratory of National Engineering Research Center for Ophthalmic Equipment in China, Eyebright owns the most advanced R&D facilities and equipments, and forms a multi-disciplinary professional team including engineers and scientists from material, optical, mechanical and clinical research fields. The company’s research work has applied for more than 100 patents worldwide.

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